General Laproscopic Surgery

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Narayanan M, MBBS, MS

general laproscopic surgery

This department working successfully for the past 11years, caters to all the needs of a general surgical patient. This includes surgical treatment for all intra abdominal problems, (including gastric, intestinal and colonic and anorectic disorders) Breast surgeries both for benign and neoplastic lesions, head and neck surgery for parotid and thyroid diseases are under taken. Surgical treatments for all types of Hernia are under taken.

In addition, laparoscopic surgeries for gall stone disease and laparoscopic surgeries for appendicitis are also successfully carried out. Special care and treatment are given to vascular disorders of limbs, varicose veins and diabetic foot ulcers.

Pre- and post-operative follow-up for patients and others with traumatic injuries, wound management, suture removal, and patient education is done here. Minor surgical procedures are also performed in our specially equipped Ambulatory Procedures Area, including cyst and skin tag removals, incision and drainage of abscess etc.

Some cases in vascular surgery

  • Aortic Aneurysm resection
  • Lower limb bypass surgeries for Critical limb ischemia
  • Thrombectomy, Thrombolysis for Acute limb ischemia
  • Dialysis access surgeries - A V Fistulas, Basilic vein transposition, Perm Cath placement, vascular graft
  • Diabetic Foot Surgeries - Podiatric Surgeries, Distal bypasses to Dorsalis, Pedis or posterior - tibial for limb salvage
  • Peripherial Angioplasties - Subclavian artery stenosis, iliac & femoral angioplasties
  • Vein Surgery - Superficial Vein Surgery, Foam sclerotherapy

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