The Nephrology department offers advanced diagnostic procedures to identify early forms of kidney (renal) disease and therapies to avoid complications of chronic kidney disease. We also provide medical evaluations of kidney stone disease, and diagnosis and therapy for managing high blood pressure. The department which houses state-of-the-art dialysis technology has a multidisciplinary team of specialists providing follow-up care, patient education seminars, and nutritional counselling to help guide patients through every phase of their dialysis treatment. Facilities for renal biopsy, Biochemical Bacteriological and Immunological investigations as well as Radiological and Ultra-sonological investigations are provided. The Artificial Kidney dialysis set up is most modern with 3 latest high-tech Dialysis machines with U.P.S, deionised water supply and reverse Osmosis system. Round-the-clock care is given to patients with acute renal-failure, chronic renal failure, poisoning and those in preparation for Renal Transplantation by well-trained nursing staff and dialysis technicians. Government of Kerala has given recognition to our hospital for Renal Transplantation. A team of experienced and well trained Transplant Surgeons and Anesthetists are available for doing the transplantation surgeries. Well-equipped and modern Post-Transplant Intensive care room having well trained nursing staff is also available.

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