Dermatology And Cosmetology

Facilities and Services

  • Treatment of skin diseases, allergy, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), leprosy, cosmetology and hair & nail disorders.
  • Skin allergy tests
  • Electro
    • Surgical Procedures
    • surgery
  • Cryo surgery
  • Chemo surgery
  • Ultraviolet hair root stimulation for Alopecia
  • Bio-beam therapy for pimples, black spots, scares of pimples, black eye circles
  • Cosmetic camouflage
  • Cosmetic counseling
  • PUVA therapy
  • Cosmetic surgery
Surgery for leucoderma Mole surgery
Keloid surgery Dermabrasion
Scar revision Nail surgery
  • Specific treatment for hair loss & baldness
  • Routine clinical investigations like skin scraping, smear examination, skin biopsy, etc. and other minor surgical procedures.

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