Dr. Ramaprasad Kolur, MBBS, DA

Dr. Ramya, MBBS, DA

Anaesthesiology Anaesthesiology

Anaesthesiologists, Technicians, Staff, Post operative intensive care unit form the backbone of any operation theatre complex.

We are proud to be part of such theatre complex from the day of inauguration of this hospital for 10 years.

Our operation theatre complex consists of seven theatres and two post operative intensive care units with exclusive theatres and intensive care units for Cardio thoracic, Neuro surgery, Urology, Trauma and orthopaedic surgeries, Head and Neck, General Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynaecology surgeries.

All theatres are equipped with well-maintained anaesthetic machines with ventilators, cardiac monitors, Pulse Oximeter, Capnograms, Airway pressure monitor, non-invasive and invasive B.P monitoring, C.V.P measuring facility with pressure transducers.

Gases are supplied to all operation theatres and intensive care units from a well-maintained central source.

All the time Anaesthesiologists are supported by well-trained technicians. All the latest drugs and drug delivery systems like infusion pumps and syringe pumps are available to tackle any situation and any type of Anaesthesia.

Post-operative care is what we can boast of. Patients are painless during their stay here. We have well trained staff, ventilators, oxygen and drug delivery systems. All the time anaesthesiologists are present to supervise and guide the staff.

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