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Routine Health Check-up Out patient package

Health Care

Routine Health Check-up Out patient package

HaemogramLiver FunctionTests
HaemoglobinBilirubin (Total & Direct)
Total W.B.CS.G.O.T
Differential countS.G.P.T
E.S.RAlkaline Phosphates
P.C.VSerum Total Proteins
Platelet CountAlbumin
Peripheral SmearGlobulin
Routine Biochemical ParametersGeneral Tests
Fasting & Post Glucose / PP Blood SugarBlood grouping & Rh typing
UreaComplete Urine analysis
CreatinineStool tests
Uric AcidECG
Lipid ProfileX-ray testing
Total CholesterolThis package includes rectal/surgical examination, clinical examination and advice by senior consultant. Travel assistance and interpreter if necessary.
HDL Cholesterol 
LDL Cholesterol 
VLDL Cholesterol 
Total Cholesterol / HDL Ratio 

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