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Master Health Check-up Out patient package

Health Care

Master Health Check-up Out patient package

HaemogramLiver FunctionTests
HaemoglobinBilirubin (Total & Direct)
Total W.B.CS.G.O.T
Differential countS.G.P.T
E.S.RAlkaline Phosphates
P.C.VSerum Total Proteins
Platelet CountAlbumin
Peripheral SmearGlobulin
Routine Biochemical ParametersSerological Tests
Fasting & Post Glucose / PP Blood SugarBlood grouping & Rh typing
UreaComplete Urine analysis
CreatinineStool tests
Uric AcidECG
 X-ray testing
Lipid ProfileUltra Sonogram of the abdomen
Total CholesterolClinical examination by doctor, advice by three senior consultants, if required. Travel assistance and interpreter if necessary.
HDL Cholesterol 
LDL Cholesterol 
VLDL Cholesterol 
Total Cholesterol / HDL Ratio 

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